School Improvement in Maryland

Data Analysis

Analyzing Your State Assessment Data

MSA | HSA | Alt-MSA | School Progress

The data results from school, district, and state performance on the MSA, Alt-MSA, HSA, and School Progress are graphed in this section. Analyzing your performance on these state assessments will help you identify gaps between your school's performance and state targets. Low performance areas will help you set priorities for your school improvement goals.

School Progress Index

Maryland has a new accountability system that replaces the former AYP status model and takes into account additional indicators of progress — including growth, gap reduction, and college readiness in addition to achievement — which give a more accurate picture of a school's performance and progress then the former set of AYP achievement indicators.

In This Section:
  • Data results for your school
  • Guided process to analyze your data
  • How to lead the data discussion

Data Explorer

Analyze your assessment data with this multi-media data explorer.


Analyzing Your Classroom Data

Monitoring Student Progress

In This Section:
  • Developing a monitoring plan
  • Examining your monitoring data
  • Using your monitoring data
  • Graphing you classroom data

Schools need to monitor student progress to ensure that all students are successful in attaining state and district standards. Teachers need to assess the indicators they are responsible for teaching on an ongoing basis so that they will know where their students are at any given time in relationship to those indicators being monitored. Teachers need to regularly ask these three questions:

  • Where are my students?
  • What evidence do I have to know that?
  • What do I plan to do about it?


Examining Student Work

Though teachers have always examined student work as part of their grading process, the new focus on accountability and standards has driven a more structured and collaborative examination of student work. The focus of the examination has shifted from a summative evaluation of student performance to a to a diagnostic evaluation of student performance to inform instruction.

In This Section:
  • How do you know what students know?
  • What do experts say?
  • How do you agree on what you are looking for?
  • How do you diagnose student performance to inform instruction?
  • Examining Student Work Protocol